10172670_819749251412155_3834779865093496140_n1“Man is only a brief design in the numberless evolutionary stages of the world. And the individual human being is only a moment, a specimen, a partial realization of Man. The individual is not made for his own sake, but to be a sacrifice toward Man – so that Man may fulfill his evolutionary destiny. And Man is not made for his own sake, but to be a sacrifice toward the ultimate evolutionary process of the World. And the World is not made for its own sake, but to be a sacrifice to the unqualified and eternal Divine.

“If the design of Man is examined, he is revealed to be a composite of all previous creatures, environments, and experiences. His body below the brows is a machine of animals and elemental cycles. He is full-made of horses and crocodiles, honey bees and swans, sardines and earth forces, redwood and fruit palm, Amazon, Pacific, solar fire, Everest, weather of water and air, all the usual stars, and antique ocean mammals leaning away from Earth. He is not truly unique below the brows.He is, rather, a summation of all that came before him and everything that he already knows.

“But Man is also a new stage in the event of time. His newness or uniqueness is hidden in TreeLifethe brain. His lower or vital brain, including his rudimentary speech and thought, is part of the summary and reflection of the past. But the middle range of his brain, beginning with the higher verbal or abstract  mental functions, is the doorway to the future. And above the thinking and imaging function of the middle brain is the naked mass of yet unadapted purity, the higher brain, which Communes with Light. This higher brain is the structural cauldron of the present and future evolutionary changes of Man and what is beyond Man in the scheme of the World.

“The individual is only a moment, and his structural adaptation of the whole body-mind to its potential above the brows is generally quite modest, it it occurs at all. Man, at any moment, is the summary of what has been. Therefore, the millions or billions of men and women who live and die in every generation may add a fraction of development to the destiny of Man. But the Teaching of Truth is also given to all, so that the principles of structural evolution may be grasped and fulfilled by at least a few in every generation. Thus, the realization of these few is also added to Man, and all future men and women may be raised up by these means.”

– Adi Da Samrajdayoung









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