Law of Life

29FA811300000578-0-image-m-10_1435273209894“We have renounced our real and true politics. We have renounced responsibility for our own lives, and we no longer determine them.  We do not assume freedom of movement, association, and commitment, but we assume instead that we have to listen to every little bureaucrat, intellectual, commentator, or revolutionary who wants to control or prevent our intimate politics and society. And this assumption reflects and results from our frightened renunciation of the Life-Principle and the exuberant vitality of bodily existence.


“Because individuals are afraid of their own vitality, afraid to be polarized to it whole bodily and to enjoy it intelligently and responsibly, we have the present-day world, which is a product of at least 3,000 years of patriarchal, anti-sexual, anti-Life indoctrination. The result is a society of morons and slaves. Many people in this present-day world are no less slaves than the poor beasts who built the pyramids. For the most part, we are an unconscious mass, controlled by shrewder people….

l700810105“The usual man’s life is built on the idea that the law of life is survival, and that survival is the significance, meaning, and goal of existence, whereas in Truth, the fundamental process of Man, and even the very Realm of Nature, is one of sacrifice. Sacrifice is the Law. The usual life is not built upon the self-transcending principle of sacrifice, but on the self-fulfilling principle of survival, or the aggressive self-glorification of the individualized, separate, and separative entity. This is the common illusion, and this game of surviving as a separate, self-contained, and separative “someone” is what makes human existence the overwhelming chaos of troubles that it has now become for everyone. But the fact is that all specific “somethings” must ultimately be sacrificed, and human existence itself must become a sacrificial affair, in which nothing is maintained for its own sake. As soon as the individual realizes that the Law of Life is loving sacrifice to the Life-Principle, and not survival independent of the Life-Principle, he becomes free. He becomes free of guilt, fear, his entire ritual of obsessive activity, all the assumed dilemmas of subhuman culture and politics, and all the Parent-child games of the usual life in this world.” – Adi Da Samraj


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