Adi Da Samraj

080926_PP_26Adi Da Samraj

Environmentalist, Artist, Teacher

Adi Da’s “Vision of Fear-No-More”, if studied at a depth of natural feeling intelligence, furthers and completes humanity’s understanding of the true “nature” of nature. The Vision of Fear-No-More is the completing link in everyone’s research, discoveries, and findings pertaining to ecology, forestry, zoology, botany, human-animal interactions and mankind’s overall relationship with the natural world.

The natural world is not merely chemistry, physics and physiology. It is also spiritual and there is an actual spiritual and sacred aspect to all of it, which does not deny science or anything else, because all these things are within that same spirit. Adi Da’s communications go to the root of understanding more directly, and simply, than any others.

“The life and teaching of Adi Da Samraj are of profound and decisive significance at this critical moment in history. . .  When the very foundations of civilization are being challenged there is a message of compassion being spoken by one grounded in enduring wisdom and true discernment. In Not-Two Is Peace, Adi Da writes of the urgent need for a new form of global discourse, based on the recognition of the underlying unity of humankind.” – Bryan Deschamp, Former Senior Adviser, United Nations High Commission for Refugees

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