“How would one treat the grass as a person?

bigstock-Tree-of-Life-Amazing-Banyan-T-28961813“Would you avoid all but the most necessary contact with vegetation? Would you make only the most necessary contact with vegetation? Avoid walking on it, passing it brusquely without acknowledgement? you see. Don’t you think as you pass a tree you should give it at least the acknowledgement you might give another person, another human being? A ‘notice’, you know what I mean? That it exists… Don’t you think you should notice large trees as you pass them?

“You don’t necessarily have to nod or a make a sound, although you probably wouldn’t do that with a lot of people either.

QD“You always check out the people that exist in the field of your awareness as you move around the place. But do you do the same thing with trees?

“Do you see whenever I go for a walk I take all the vegetation into account, I look at all the trees. This is my habit. Is it your habit now, to notice all the vegetation personally?

“Some you acknowledge in very personal terms, then. But don’t you acknowledge all of it, by taking in this field of view, just as inclusively as you do people, so called people, human people, who are only one kind of people. Do you do this?

“Do you have any higher relationship to plants that you exercise constantly? Do you acknowledge that they live and exist, you see? You have some sort of relationship to them that’s largely aesthetic, and you use products from trees and so forth, you see. And your diet it taken from trees, living things like this.

“Do you exercise any higher relationship to the trees other than that? Do we have relationships with trees be they personal ones, or around a particular tree or other, a large tree. In general, by virtue of living in an area where there is some forestry, in the distance and so forth, you have a relationship to them in general environmental terms. But do you have any higher relationship to such kinds of vegetation that actually directly relates to your well being psychically?”  – Adi Da Samraj



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