“Your fear of death is the consequence of your “self”-imagery, your “self”-reflection, mentalizing, dissociation, “self”-contraction, identity with “point of view”–the locatedness that is based on “self”-reflection and that you and all humankind suffer.

dragonFly“Non-humans suffer dissociation similarly to one degree or another—they suffer more the more they associate with human beings. Nevertheless, generally speaking they are much less bound by limitation than human beings are. What kind of ego-bondage do you observe in mosquitoes or micro-organisms? They exist in an eco-sphere, not in an ego-sphere.

“Human beings, on the other hand, live in an ego-sphere, and human suffering largely springs from that sphere, projected on a situation that humankind does not understand—because human beings are only living in a projection and being anxious about its survival.

“Traditionally, human beings looked to the non-humans as a source of wisdom, a connection to a larger sphere of existence. Such sensitivity is an intuitive recognition of the different state of the non-humans.”  – Adi Da Samraj




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