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Windsor Riley, “The Standard Man”

Little known nature photographer, and “rolling countryman”, Windsor Riley, recently passed away (Oct 27, 2016). Advertisements

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Let’s Be Clear…

The world has not yet gone mad. The human world, however, has gone mad. Humans have been tilting sideways for a long while now. Thinkers and prophets in science, politics, economics, philosophy, and religion, all have their theories for solutions. … Continue reading

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Feral or Free?

The day the last Dodo bird died an entire species vanished. The psychic pattern and physical form of the Dodo disappeared forever. The dinosaurs are gone. Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal Man likewise.

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LOOK how they fly…

Poem by Bill Neidjie, (1920 – 23 May 2002). Bill Neidjie, from Alligator River, Kakadu, spoke Aboriginal English, a form of that language adapted by the Aboriginal people of Australia in their 60,000 + year old oral tradition. To share … Continue reading

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