Keeping Pets 1

“Just because you can, should you?”

For most people in the 21st century west the keeping of pets has become a common part of life going back about a century. It has become a huge industry for making money off peoples’ desires, insecurities, hopes and concerns – at the very real expense of other lives.

Prior to the 2oth century keeping pets was much less common. Pet stores were few and far between prior the the 1950’s. Today they are on almost every corner.

art_51cdbb197f38dFar too many pets never truly get what they need from their human “owners”. Most who have pets know almost nothing about the animals in their care. Many are badly neglected, and many others are “loved too much”.

People don’t understand the complexity of the integrated animal cultures and environments their pet comes from, and know nothing of how to effectively substitute for the absence of those cultures, and systems, so that the keeping of the animal away from all that doesn’t limit its growth as a conscious, sentient, feeling and intelligent being.

The result is, often, that the pets become as stupid as their owners. This doesn’t mean they aren’t love-able and don’t need love. It’s just very sad.

Effectively, the little dog that is loved and cherished so deeply by its human caretaker, is being abused. Profound things in its life are neglected.

Most modern pets are seriously abused pets.

And so most people shouldn’t have pets. Pets are as alive and conscious as their owners. Often they are more conscious than their owners.

Most people shouldn’t have pets simply because they aren’t up to the responsibility and aren’t interested in learning.

In this day and age, of this momentarily plentiful west, where many (though not all) of the most poor are better off than the well off in other parts, it’s always a good thing to ask ourselves, on many topics, “Just because we can, should we?”

– s.c.


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