Keeping Pets 2

If you have pets or animals in your care, or are going to, there is a way to do it well.3245199412_84b52a8a19

Firstly, realize no animal is a “thing” or an object, or an amusement, nor merely a comfort to us. They are living, breathing, beings, as alive and conscious as we are. They are as intelligent, or more, than we. They might not have our schooling and academics but that doesn’t reflect on their intelligence. Intellect and intelligence are different matters.

Secondly, realize that this animal has been brought out of its world and is now in yours, without being given a choice, and it needs you to know a few things (or more) and have your shit together. His or her life depends on it.

In your world you look like a genius to your pet. Well, maybe some people don’t šŸ™‚

To even out the playing field, though, it’s good to remember that if you were in your pet’s world, in the dog pack, or the parrot flock, out in the forest, jungle, desert or sea, your “pet” would be the supreme genius and you would most likely be struggling to survive. And you’d be hoping that your animal friend takes you into account, and looks out for you. Otherwise, you’re in trouble, and all alone.

So this is something of the situation faced by any animal we bring into our world to care for. For most of them it’s a very precarious situation. How many end up being bought and sold multiple times? Lucky are the few that land with people who care, and are committed. And luckier are the very few who find people who really know what they are doing.

Awareness_MaineCoonCat_2004“Generally speaking people should not keep pets unless in a collective situation where they live cooperatively with others, something collectively they can all enjoy and serve in a right manner. If they can. Generally speaking having pets takes time and energy, and it also just exploits people’s conventional patterning, all this ‘googy-googy’ with the animals, and so forth. It’s not really a responsible way to relate to animals in most people’s cases. It’s their unresolved psychological problems that they really are animating with animals and teddy bears and all the rest. And I’ve dealt with all that… “

“And if they are taken out of their natural habitat, or if their natural habitat is destroyed, whoever does that has the moral obligation to understand what their requirements are, including having a society of their own species with one another. And, also an understanding of what they can be moved to do with human beings.” – Adi Da Samraj

Your reasons for having a pet should be sound. Your research about your pet, its own kind tumblr_mxaq98IA9K1swofojo1_500and its world, should be deep and ongoing. You should be prepared to provide a continuous lifelong home to this being, to feed it well and house it properly. Know that your pet actually has a spiritual life and be prepared to support and serve the pure feeling depth within its being. To suppress this in your pet is to destroy a fundamental part of its living, and most people do this with their pets because they have already learned to do so with themselves.

I’m not talking about Christianity or Buddhism or any of the organized man-made religions. The animals are involved, if allowed, in something much more vast and profound than any of our sad churches can even fathom. Find this out with your pet’s support and your life will change with every breath.

Picture 1359All the non-humans, the fishes, and birds, the insects, dogs, horses and guinea pigs and rabbits, the alpacas, gorillas, elephants, giraffe and whales, and trees – all of them – are profound spiritual contemplatives, and an honest and direct relationship with them should be an adventure in awakening for every intelligent human caretaker. No less.

– s.c.


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