Let’s Be Clear…

The world has not yet gone mad.

Young-sad-woman-aloneThe human world, however, has gone mad.

Humans have been tilting sideways for a long while now.

Thinkers and prophets in science, politics, economics, philosophy, and religion, all have their theories for solutions. Upon careful observation, however, we find they only contribute further to the madness…

We assume, and are told, that real solutions must be complex, detailed, and drawn-out. Religious power is built upon complexity, as are all man’s institutions. If proffered solutions are complex, rest assured they will perpetuate the problems, not solve them. We are loyal to petty complication, which denies access to real solutions. We are committed to our self-sense, and imagine superiority over nature, each other, and all others.

Yet, hidden quietly within the chaos, a revelation waits to be embraced – Fear is the root of all our concerns.

Fear is our “problem” – individually and collectively.

Acknowledgment of our chronic, sub-human, and personalizing, fear begins the solution.

Every honest conversation about life, love, and death, politics and philosophy, FearItselfmust lead to the consideration of fear as the singular motivator of everything we do.

Until our fear is revealed, openly considered, and embraced, the daily complexity of needless events continues shaping the dishonest story of who we are.

The great sages of old proclaimed together, “Wherever there is a perceived ‘other’ fear arises.” Alas, the great sages come and go from our midst barely noticed.

And the natural world is full of wisdom, too, scarcely noticed.

With over seven billion of us here now we are making a lot of trouble for ourselves, each other, and the world.

There is the sudden fear of burning your hand on a flame, or getting run over by a truck.

And there is the deeper fear that permeates all the minutes of our days and nights; the fear of being separate, individual, distinct, limited in time and space; the fear of being an ‘other’ among so many ‘others’, of being alone, not mattering, being irrelevant; the always crucial fear of immanent death… of not existing at all.

To change the course we’re on, we have to change. But mere talk of change prefers the idea of changing, while remaining the same.

We want to be free of fear, but we’re comfortable in it, surmising it keeps us safe. Superficially this may be true, but in a world so filled with humans now, we are seven billion clenched hearts, all fearing pain and death, angry, bewildered, and struggling to live safely in a dangerous world.

main-qimg-49b0ee2a75592b52ff312d3ee911a3e8Too many of today’s leaders are deeply unenlightened men and women, living superficial lives, pretending to know what is best for everyone; sending us to war and into chaos and oppression. As mortally afraid as everyone else, they play with countless unnamed lives, human and non-human, fomenting fear in service of their agendas, using fright against us.

Where is your deeper fear? How do you nurture it in your life and relations?  How do you stimulate it in others? Uninspected fear informs and directs all our actions.

We must find the personal, and spiritual, strength to see beyond the presumed separate self, to another view of life, in which we are entirely free of fear and its results.

Our second full day in the Serengeti

Animals, also, feel the same fear. But they do something different with it. They feel directly through and beyond it. Their felt sense of separation and mortality, of being in a body that will die, moves them to surrender into life. Thus they are able to enjoy natural participation in Divine Awareness. They are serious about this.

Humans’ fear of separation, and mortality, moves us to withdraw from life, imagining in this, that we might escape death somehow.

Non-humans embody the “Vision of Fear-No-More”.

Humans exemplify a life of fear, anxiety and confusion.

Practically and spiritually our presence here has become a heavy fist upon the Earth, upsetting and disturbing all others with childish, and adolescent, complaint.

How then to accept life, less fear?

Fear is not the Truth of who we are. Fear is merely something we are doing.

Embrace the Vision of Fear-No-More, instead.

The non-humans are doing it, so why not you?

– s.c.



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8 Responses to Let’s Be Clear…

  1. fraser says:

    Beautiful page, pictures and profound words, thank you for posting.


  2. Jacquie Shea Thiel says:

    Wow! So profound, I want to pass it on to everyone I know. Beautifully written wisdom. thank you, Stuart.


  3. randall says:

    Beauty is Truth….Truth…Beauty…..that’s all….. thank you 😉


  4. Tara McBrearty says:

    Good Job, Stuart!


  5. DJS says:



  6. Georgia Gruber says:

    There are truly no words other than gratitude for this profundity.


  7. mariawalkabout says:

    Simply profound and invites deep pondering, beyond mere reading. This wisdom manages to pierce the heart, making space for a deeper intuition and understanding of the Mystery and Wonder of what it means to be truly present and alive and happy in all that is arising in Consciousness. Reminding us again that, ‘Love requires the Unconditional Embrace of conditional life.’ The secret of where and how to begin this exploration might be found in these words: ‘Yet, hidden quietly within the chaos, a revelation waits to be noticed – Fear is the root of all our concerns.’ With gratitude and love, M. D. McNulty


  8. This is deep life wisdom that knows no boundaries. We modern people have inflicted all sorts of heavy, burdensome impositions on the natural world and upon ourselves. We can learn much from the non-human beings on this planet. Thank you, Stuart, for sharing your thoughts and Adi Da’s wisdom.


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